Personal Fitness

Personal Fitness

Personal Fitness Classes

Duration: 60 Min.
Time: According to the Client

You can practice and learn Yoga personally under PYA teachers, it is a completely different experience. You will realize that what the teacher brings to you is not just skills but an involvement and commitment to your health that is intuitive and genuine.

The Personal Training session is a one-on-one experience in the comfort of your own home tailor-made to address your specific goals.PYA Teachers are trained to assess your specific needs and set achievable goals. The Teacher then tunes in to every nuance in your body and guides you towards your goal. Over a period of time a yoga session emerges that is unique to you and gives you the specific results which you are looking for.

Benefits :

According to the client and teacher’s time availability. :

Note :

According to the need of client.
Holistic Health Assessment
HHAT: (Holistic Health Assessment Test)

Not only is Holistic Health hard to define, it is equally hard to measure. We have a large collection of Holistic Health Assessment Tests, which measure all aspects of Health. We have identified some unique tests that should be considered when assessing overall health. However, there is no one test that can be done to measure all of these and give you a measure of overall fitness.