Regular Yoga & Meditation

Regular Yoga & Meditation

Regular Yoga & Meditation Classes

Duration: 60 Min.
Timing: 6 -7 am , 7-8 am

These classes been planned in such a way that all the people whether young or old, fat or lean, healthy or unhealthy can get Benefit.

For this class, all asanas are planned carefully and scientifically in proper series. In this session more emphasis is given on doing pranayam and asanas in slow motion, so that a student can self feel it.
Each and every student is personally attended so that all the asanas are done in proper alignment and body should also remain stress free. Different types of asanas are planned for different weeks in such a way that it not only makes the body healthy and flexible but also improves the working capacity of a person.

Benefits :

Time Teacher Type
Morning (Mon - Fri)
6-7 am Dr. Kapil Dev Power Yoga
7-8 am Mr. Vicky Yoga
8-9 am Mrs. Archana Hatha Yoga
Evening (Mon - Fri)
6-7 pm Dr. Kapil Dev Hatha Yoga
7-8 pm Mr. Vicky Hatha & Raj Yoga
8-8.30 pm Dr. Kapil Meditation
Trial classes: Every saturday (6-7 pm)


Holistic Health Assessment
HHAT: (Holistic Health Assessment Test)

Not only is Holistic Health hard to define, it is equally hard to measure. We have a large collection of Holistic Health Assessment Tests, which measure all aspects of Health. We have identified some unique tests that should be considered when assessing overall health. However, there is no one test that can be done to measure all of these and give you a measure of overall fitness.