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PragyaYoga helps us to move toward Holistic Health quickly than normal regular Yoga, and as such gives more mental peace and relaxes. Generally PragyaYoga is not much focus on holding of difficult asanas but its major focus is on body movement and more awareness about body and mind.


In single line we can say that PragyaYoga helps us to deep awareness of self and surroundings which is a major part of Yoga Science. Pragya Yoga inspired by Hatha and Raja Yoga.

Pragyayoga | Dr. Kapil Dev Keshari


Know our experienced team of PragyaYoga Alliance. Customer satisfaction is their goal.
Kapil Dev Kesari
Yoga Expert
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After experience of seven years he developed a type of yoga which known as a PragyaYoga (Pragya yoga is a type of Hatha and Raja Yoga which strongly affects our body and mind).

Archana Rajan Kesari
Alternative Therapy Expert
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She has been practicing yoga in different forms since 2013 and completed his training as a Hatha Yoga Teacher at DSVV (India). She is an Expert on Marma Therapy & Acupressure Therapy.  

Mrityunjay Kesari
Yoga Expert
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Mrityunjay's yoga journey began at an early age, growing up in India. He was influenced by his spiritual guru’s life. To him, Yoga is a Way of Life to be practiced daily on & off the mat.

Swati Verma
Meditation Expert
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She has been practicing Traditional Yoga since 2011. She is an Artistic Yoga and Zumba Expert.  She has completed her UG & PG in Applied Yoga & Human Excellence. QCI Level-II Qualified.