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Raj Yoga

Raja yoga (Royal Yoga) also known as the Yoga of Meditation and classical yoga. Its principal text is the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Raja yoga is concerned principally with the cultivation of the viewer’s mind using a succession of steps, such as meditation (dhyāna, dhyana) and contemplation (Samadhi).


Meditation can be defined as making the mind one-pointed and going beyond the information of the five senses, as well as beyond the thoughts of the mind. While difficult, control of the mind is possible by focusing the mind on an eternal principle. The body is stilled, and the senses stilled in the process of purifying the mind. The benefits of controlling the thoughts are at the root of mind-body healing. When the mind is controlled, it is easier to control the body and its impulses. In addition to its sublime pursuit of purity, meditation also has practical benefits of improving self-control, reducing stress and creating space for emotional transformation.


Its object is to further one’s acquaintance with reality (viveka), achieve awakening (moksha) and eventually enlightenment, kaivalya.



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