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We at Pragyayoga provide various services to the nature of the clients which helps us to move toward Holistic Health quickly than normal regular Yoga. A Beautiful blend of Yoga Postures, Breathing Techniques, Meditation & Yogic Wisdom, we offers to Participants a Holistic Approach to attend to Body, Mind, and Spirit.

“Recharge, Strengthen and Awaken your true potential with PragyaYoga”


The mind never gets a day off. It’s either busy with ‘who-said-what’ or mulling on the past or the future. With yoga and meditation you can train your mind to stay calm, happy and relaxed.


The series of asanas not only works your entire body, front and back, from toes to fingertips & it includes strengthening, twisting, and balancing. You’ll get grounded, and build confidence.


Millions of people throughout the world today practice yoga for spiritual reasons but through Pragyayoga they contact their higher consciousness and the Lord of their hearts.

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Take a look at our practice and process of defining PragyaYoga!

Pragya Yoga helps us to deep awareness of self and surroundings which is a major part of Yoga Science.

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